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Watch early submission videos from some fan favorite Ninjas

The most well-known Ninjas have been making submission videos for years.

The end of each year means different things to different people. For some, it’s all about the holidays and time with family and friends. Others use it as a chance to reflect on the past months and plan for the future.

But for another group, it’s something totally different: It’s American Ninja Warrior submission panic season.

Applications to be on the show are generally due in the first few days of the new year. 2018 is no exception. To be selected for season 10 of the show, your application must be in by January 2, 2018.

So as 2017 winds to a close, thousands of Ninjas are rushing to get those last shots, furiously editing long into night, and hoping they get the call. It’s a pain familiar to every competitor. Even the biggest names on the show have been through this process.

Check out these early submission videos from some of your favorite Ninja Warriors!

Jessie Graff: 2013

Flip Rodriguez: 2013

Brent Steffensen: 2012

Michelle Warnky: 2013

Travis Rosen: 2010

Grant McCartney: 2015

Kacy Catanzaro: 2013

Drew Drechsel: 2011

JJ Woods: 2014

Kevin Bull: 2014

Nick Hanson: 2015

Ready to join these Ninjas on the course? Get that submission video in STAT!