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Lorin Ball can help you survive the Salmon Ladder

This six minute video is packed with important tips.

The obstacles on American Ninja Warrior are notoriously unpredictable. Just when Ninjas think they’ve got it figured out, the course shocks them with something new.

But there are a few exceptions to that, and one example is the Salmon Ladder. If you plan on appearing on the show, you have to plan on facing this obstacle.

American Ninja Warrior Lorin Ball has released a really informative video on how to hone your Salmon Ladder technique. He takes you through a gamut of concerns, including how to build the strength to hop up rungs, the pros and cons of various grip styles, and how to recover if one end of the bar ends up higher than the other.

Lorin Ball has been an American Ninja Warrior competitor for years, and is known for his breakneck speed. In season nine, he was one of the few Ninjas to make it to the Ninjago Roll on the Denver City Finals course. So his advice comes from seasons and season of experience.