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2017’s biggest Ninja Warrior news

Here are the articles fans read the most over the past year.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re looking back at the Ninja Warrior news fans were fascinated by this year. It’s a trip through some thrilling moments that took place over season nine, and important news the fans needed to know.

Here are the top ten most popular articles over the past year. We’ll keep bringing you everything American Ninja Warrior in 2018!

1.) Logan Paul’s behind-the-scenes video

The hugely popular YouTube personality took on the American Ninja Warrior course in Kansas City. This video showed off his training with Grant McCartney and preparing for his big run.

2.) Season nine’s filming locations and dates

The fans were NOT going to miss out on the chance to see their favorite show live! We’ll release information on season 10’s dates and locations as soon as we know it.

3.) Is that “old man” run real?

One of American Ninja Warrior’s “joke” digital clips during season nine was a video of an 81 year old man running the Denver course. But was it real? The debate reached such a fevered pitch that the show released a follow up video lifting the mystery. It was Brent Steffensen and fantastic make up artist.

4.) Stephen Amell on Celebrity Ninja Warrior

The star of the hit TV show “Arrow” had hinted for months that he wanted a shot at the American Ninja Warrior course. Celebrity Ninja Warrior, filmed for 2017’s Red Nose Day, was the perfect opportunity. All his action training paid off BIG time when he more than held his own on the LA course.

5.) Kacy Catanzaro moves to the WWE

Kacy Catanzaro helped smash barriers for women on the show, but after seasons of inspiring others, she decided it was time to move on. At the end of August, she confirmed the news that she was signing with the WWE and embarking on a wrestling career.

6.) Season nine’s finale recap

After a rollercoaster of a season, the show ended in Vegas with no declared winner. A record number of athletes completed Stage One, only to have the field decimated by the brutal second stage. Joe Moravsky was the last Ninja standing, but the Final Climb was untested.

7.) Geoff Britten discusses his “retirement”

This article actually came out in 2016, but it came up again and again during season nine. Where was Geoff Britten? After failing on the first obstacle of the National Finals in season eight, Geoff took to social media to say it was time for him to step away from Ninja Warrior. At least for now.

8.) Team Ninja Warrior’s season two roster

When Team Ninja Warrior returned for its second season, fans wanted to know who’d be taking on the side by side course. 28 teams of Ninja Warriors banded together, all aiming to become champions. The title ultimately ended up with Joe Moravsky’s Storm Team.

9.) Season eight’s USA vs the World recap

While USA vs the World was jam-packed with incredible athletic performances, the moment of the night was when Jessie Graff took on Stage Two. The stage had defeated her in regular competition, but in a show of jaw-dropping strength, she became the first woman to hit the buzzer during this special episode.

10.) How to get tickets to the live show

We get this question ALL the time! If the show is coming to your area, keep an eye on On Camera Audiences. They handle the free audience tickets for the show. Season 10 tickets haven’t been released just yet, but you can sign up to be notified when they’re online!