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Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia ends with a splash for everyone

Find out how far Team USA made it on the final stage.

Sasuke Ninja Warrior/Instagram

On the final episode of Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia, we found out who became the last Ninja standing. But although they gave it their all, it was not a member of Team USA.

The last stage of the Finals included six obstacles:

  • Globe Grasper
  • Tick Tock
  • Globe Grasper
  • Swinging Frames
  • Ultimate Cliffhanger
  • Flying Bars

All of these obstacles were familiar to the team of American Ninja Warriors. Throughout the international team competition, Drew, Jake, Josh, David and Daniel faced unexpected challenges. Only Josh Levin completed the Warrior Stage. But every team member finished the first stage of the semifinals. On the second stage of the semifinals, Josh and David Campbell were disqualified, leaving Drew, Jake and Daniel to face the finals.

It all came down to the last obstacle, the Flying Bars. All three Team USA members fell there.

Team captain Drew Drechsel made it just a little farther than his teammates, taking third place overall on the stage.

Jake Murray claimed the sixth position.

Daniel Gil came in eighth overall on the final stage.

There was a Final Climb available, but since no one was able to pass the Flying Bars, it wasn’t used. These were some scary bars. The laché required was huge and the Ninjas leapt down slightly, instead of just straight ahead.

The last Ninja standing was Sergio Verdasco from Spain. He was so close to surviving the final obstacle.

That closed out an unpredictable and exciting season of Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia! No matter what the outcome, it looks like all the competitors had a great time together on those challenging courses.