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These future Ninja Warriors are going to be champions on the course

Watch these mini Ninjas compete at Sam Sann’s Iron Sports gym in Houston.

This video from a kids’ Ninja Warrior competition encapsulates the bright future of the sport.

The competition was held at Iron Sports gym in Houston, TX. That happens to be the gym owned by American Ninja Warrior Sam Sann. The Iron Sport coach who shared the video is Josh Salinas, a rookie on season nine of the show who had a fantastic first year. He went on to Stage Two of the National Finals after completing Stage One with the second fastest time.

So it’s pretty safe to say these little Ninjas have some awesome mentors. Watch as they climb, leap and swing their way to the buzzer!

American Ninja Warrior recently lowered the minimum age limit from 21 to 19, which still gives these tiny athletes a few more years of training. But they’ll be unstoppable on the course by then!