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Isaac Caldiero failed on an obstacle we’ve never seen before

He ran the KuroOvi course and was stopped on the fourth obstacle, Brain Panic.

American Ninja Warrior champion Isaac Caldiero took part in a new obstacle challenge, KuroOvi, but hit a roadblock on an obstacle we never saw coming.

The show seeks to find an “Ultimate Hero” on a timed course that’s 123 meters long, with 12 obstacles. But this is not like Sasuke or Ninja Warrior. The obstacles all have a city theme to them, and there’s MATH involved. Yes, math.

When Isaac stepped up to the starting line, the top time was 4:23. He planned to beat that and put up a time that was less than two minutes.

The first obstacle as Spiral Road. (Which we honestly thought he’d have to run up and climb across the top, but that wasn’t the case.)

Next was the Door Ladder. This type of obstacle is WELL within his wheelhouse.

Rope Way was the third obstacle. Again, easy peasy stuff for the Ninja Warrior.

Then came the fourth obstacle, Brain Panic. Um, it’s a MATH obstacle. MATH!

While it wasn’t exactly rocket science, math under pressure is terrifying! Isaac went with 119 as his answer.

Which is one off from the correct answer of 118. Isaac fell through a trap door into the water, ending his run.

He didn’t seem to be too devastated by the result. At least he had fun trying to earn the title of KuroOvi Ultimate Hero!

What do you think? Should there be a little algebra on the American Ninja Warrior course?