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Do you agree with this fan’s season 10 predictions?

UniversalTuber breaks down five pretty big predictions for the tenth season.

UniversalTuber is a wealth of information on all things in the Ninja Warrior world, from Sasuke to American Ninja Warrior. The channel’s creator reviews, breaks down and analyzes a vast amount of information on many aspects of the shows.

One of the recent videos delves into that super fan’s predictions on the upcoming tenth season of American Ninja Warrior. They got us thinking.

In the video above, UniversalTuber breaks down their reasoning for five pretty significant predictions:

  • Adam Rayl, Flip Rodriguez, Jamie Rahn and Josh Levin will make their Stage Three debuts (in regular competition).
  • Sasuke’s Vertical Limit will appear on an American Ninja Warrior course.
  • At least three women will clear Stage One of the National Finals.
  • There will be an increase in Stage Two clears, but less clears than season nine on Stage One. 33 clears on Stage One and six clears on Stage Two, specifically. There will be one Stage Three clear, but no Total Victory.
  • Isaac Caldiero returns.

What do you think about UniversalTuber’s thoughts? Do you agree? Chime in using the comments!