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Holiday gifts for the Ninja Warrior fan in your life

Five ideas to make every big and little Ninja smile.

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Tis the season to... panic and realize you put off holiday gift shopping for far too long. Don’t worry, take a breath. We've got you!

Here are a few ideas for the American Ninja Warrior fan in your life.

Show swag

For season nine, American Ninja Warrior introduced a line of merchandise that could be purchased at the live tapings, but they also opened an online store. You can snag personalized shirts, bags, blankets and bottles. Perfect for Ninjas in training, or for someone who just wants to look the part.

Ninja shirts

Know a fan who’s passion for a certain Ninja runs deep? A LOT of Ninjas are producing their own merch at the moment. It’s hard to list them all in one place, so if there’s a preferred Ninja, check out their social media and websites. They’ll include links to their online shops.

Backyard course

Do you enjoy giving gifts that you’ve created yourself? Big and little Ninjas in training would love to have some custom obstacles! It’s a pretty intensive gift, but if you’ve got the space, time and skills, an obstacle is an impressive present.

There are tons of ideas on Pinterest. You can also find blueprints online with a quick Google and how-to-videos on YouTube.

Class at a local Ninja gym

Did just reading about making an obstacle kind of stress you out? Leave it to the pros. Find a local gym in your area and book a class for the person in your life who has dreams of Ninja glory. This directory is a great place to start.

Dance off.

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Join in on an experience

Whether they want to take on a course themselves, or they just want a fun day watching pros do what they do best, there are options for that.

The American Ninja Warrior Experience currently has two locations announced for the start of 2018: Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA. These events feature courses built by the designers of the show’s obstacles, and star Ninja Warrior athletes like Allyssa Beird and Drew Drechsel.

If you’re in the area for one of the events, snag tickets to run the course, or attend as a spectator. They’ll make a pretty unforgettable holiday gift, providing a memory you can all share together.