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Team USA is down two Ninjas after the second stage of the semifinals

Three Ninjas remain to complete for glory in Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia

Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia/Instagram

On the latest episode of Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia, Team USA faced the second stage of the semifinals. At this point in the competition, it’s do or die. If competitors fall or are disqualified, they are out of the game completely. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to two members of Team USA.

This second semifinal stage consisted of six obstacles. Where previous stages were built for speed, this course was definitely designed to slow the Ninjas down and test their strengths.

The obstacles:

  1. The Pinang
  2. Jumping Spider
  3. Monkey Peg
  4. Floating Boards
  5. Salmon Ladder
  6. Tripple Swing

Team USA has had a bit of a bumpy road up to this point. Only Josh Levin was able to complete the second course. Team Captain Drew Drechsel has experienced two shocking disqualifications. Once they reached the first stage of the semifinals however, it seemed like things were back on track. Every team member was able to hit the buzzer.

But now the second stage has taken out two Ninjas, Josh Levin and David Campbell, with disqualifications so hard to notice, you’ll have to watch the replays to see what happened.

Josh Levin

Josh was disqualified on the Floating Boards. His error was grabbing too high on the last board.

It’s hard to see during his run, but in a close up you can see his chalk thumbprint on the blue bar, an area they had been warned not to grab.

David Campbell

David’s error came early in his run. He was disqualified on the Jumping Spider, the second obstacle.

When entering the Jumping Spider, he hopped forward and put his hand on the red line. He needed to stay below that line for just a little longer.

While it was tough to see the team lose Josh and David, they weren’t the only Ninjas to make an exit. Team Indonesia has lost three competitors, Team Japan two, and Team Europe three.

Drew Drechsel, Jake Murray and Daniel Gil all completed the course, and with the top times.

Watch their semifinals stage two runs below:

Drew Drechsel

Daniel Gil

Jake Murray

Next week, Drew, Daniel and Jake will face the final stage, another six obstacle onslaught!