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American Ninja Warrior will return to Philadelphia in season 10

It’s the first of the filming cities to be officially announced.

Mitchell Leff/NBC

It has been announced that American Ninja Warrior will return to Philadelphia for season 10. Two episodes will be shot there, creating the Qualifiers and City Finals. This is the first of the season 10 filming locations to be announced.

In 2018, American Ninja Warrior will tape at the Richmond Power Plant in May.

The show last visited the city in season eight and it was NOT disappointing. It was the first time fans met rookies Jesse Labreck and Allyssa Beird. In fact, Philadelphia was where, for the first time ever, four women qualified for the City Finals.

It was also a very difficult city, becoming the first City Finals course to have zero finishers. The roster of Ninjas who competed in Philadelphia is pretty staggering: Joe Moravsky, Geoff Britten, Michelle Warnky, Najee Richardson, Allyssa Beird, Ryan Stratis. The list goes on!

If American Ninja Warrior holds to the format of season nine, we should be expecting the announcement of five more cities, in addition to a return to Las Vegas for the National Finals.