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This is NOT Captain NBC

Jamie Rahn’s alternate identity has shifted over the years.

On our daily wander through YouTube, seeking out Ninja Warrior videos, we usually come across some fun old content. But this one threw us for a loop.

This video was taken at the Venice Beach location while filming for American Ninja Warrior’s second season. We saw the preview image and were like “Hey, cool! Old footage of Captain NBC, AKA, Jamie Rahn!”

So imagine our shock and horror to learn that this was NOT Captain NBC. It’s CAPTAIN G4.

Okay, this makes sense because American Ninja Warrior was on G4, a now defunct channel, back in season two. But still, we were shook. It’s like finding out that movie you love is actually a remake of an older movie!

How can you tell the difference between Captain G4 and Captain NBC? Well, Captain G4 doesn’t wear pants apparently.

Captain NBC wears pants.

Eddy Chen/NBC

Got it? Now continue on with your day, holding close this valuable new info.