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Watch Joe Moravsky take on the tricky ‘Hole Punch’

The obstacle was designed by the creator of the Wingnuts, Kevin Carbone.

Centercourt Club and Sports celebrated the opening of their Lawrence Township, New Jersey location with an awesome looking Ninja Warrior competition. The event featured a lot of famous American Ninja Warrior faces, and some scary new obstacles.

Among the Ninjas both training kids and competing was Joe Moravsky, season nine’s last Ninja standing. In the clip above, he shows us his first place run where he had to face down an obstacle called the Hole Punch.

The obstacle was created by Kevin Carbone. Not only was he a break out rookie from season nine, but he also created the Wingnuts, and obstacle that was a killer both in Daytona and Stage Two of the National Finals.

The Hole Punch looks like an evil combination of grip strength, strategy and precision. Competitors have to move the rod through the holes in order to advance. Push it too far, and it’s going to fall out. Don’t move it enough and you’ll be wasting energy. Heck, get it slightly off course and the rod will clatter against the brackets and fall out.

Then, at the very end of the obstacle, the rods have to be in a perfect position to allow the Ninjas to transfer directly to the Salmon Ladder. This is not easy stuff.

Great job to Joe for mastering it. Great job to Kevin for coming up with this little doozy!