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6 Ninja Warrior posts for bad days

You’re a work in progress. Cut yourself some slack.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

We’re all working on SOMETHING in our lives. A goal, ourselves, a mission. And let’s be honest, some days, it just doesn’t feel like you’re making any progress at all. American Ninja Warriors know all about that. They’ve dedicated their lives to something that will never be “done.” They have to work hard every single day to even maintain their strength and skills, let alone improve them.

So if you’re having a bad day, take a deep breath. You’re not alone, and here’s a few examples of that.

Meagan Martin reminded us that falling is part of the process.

Jamie Rahn shared his season 9 submission video, which showed us that even those who make it look easy are going through struggles.

Here is my FULL ANW 9 Submission video. It seems the ending never loaded on Instagram. Sorry. Enjoy, and I hope you get inspired for your video this year, DUE IN JANUARY!!!!

Posted by Jamie Rahn on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Barclay Stockett talked about the importance of self care.

Lance Pekus showed us that sharing your struggles will strengthen the community that surrounds you.

Jake Murray took a hard fall, but looked to his support system to immediately lift him back up.

And if all else fails, pull a Jessie Graff and just go climb something for a little while.


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