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Akbar can finally tweet his entire name!

While some are griping about the new length of tweets, Akbar is all about it.

Eddy Chen/NBC

If you’ve been on the Internet in the past week, you’re probably aware that Twitter increased the maximum length of a tweet from 140 characters to 280.

While the news has caused a decent amount of eye-rolling and deep sighs, there’s at least one member of the American Ninja Warrior family who has a reason to rejoice.

Co-host Akbar is known for his enthusiasm, cringe-worthy yet delightful puns, and a pretty darn complicated name. If you thought Gbajabiamila was hard enough, batten down the hatches, because that’s only PART of his name.

It’s actually Oluwakemi Idowu Gbajabiamila.

And now, Akbar finally has enough characters to tell you that on Twitter himself. That’s a cause for celebration!