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Top results of the Wolfpack Ninja Tour Pro divisions

Adam Rayl and Meagan Martin took first for the Men’s and Women’s divisions.

Lorin Ball/Instagram

Over the weekend of November 3-5, the second Wolfpack Ninja Tour event took place in Loveland, Colorado. The multi-day event pit Ninja against Ninja in battles for speed and points.

Now, we have the top ten results of the Men’s and Women’s Pro competition. We think you’ll recognize just a few of the names. The event attracted many of the top American Ninja Warrior competitiors.


  1. Adam Rayl
  2. Flip Rodriguez
  3. Daniel Gil
  4. Thomas Stillings
  5. Joe Moravsky
  6. Andrew Lowes
  7. Nicholas Coolridge
  8. Austin Grey
  9. Ethan Swanson
  10. Dan Yager


  1. Meagan Martin
  2. Olivia Vivian
  3. Rebekah Bonilla
  4. Barclay Stockett
  5. Tiana Webberley
  6. Natalie Duran
  7. Emily Durham
  8. Tammy McClure
  9. Melissa Anderson
  10. Olga Kostreski

Outside of the course competition, there were heated events like rope climbing, where Natalie Duran and Nick Kostreski came out as champions. In the pull-up contest, Etan Ginsberg and Olivia Vivian prevailed as the winners with a whopping 73 and 39 pull-ups respectively. Ginny MacColl (Jessie Graff’s mom) took third place in the Women’s Amateur division!

It wasn’t all just for bragging rights either. There was over $50,000 in prizes to go around. Down to fifth place in the overall competition received prizes of over $1,000.

The event also raised money for the Positive Coaching Alliance, a national non-profit that encourages character development through sport.

Want to see the action for yourself? You can watch the recorded live stream of the Pro Finals here.

Wolfpack Ninja Tour Finals (LIVE)

Posted by Wolfpack Ninjas on Sunday, November 5, 2017

Please note that all final results and statistics, as well as tour points, will be listed on the Wolfpack Ninja website. They’re already hard at work on the next tour stops, which will be announced in the future.

To find more photos from the event, follow Wolfpack Ninjas on Instagram and search #WPNT.