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Listen to the Alan Connealy classic ‘Waiting for a Call’

Just click play. Nope. We’re not even going to warn you.

Okay, we know this video is from two years ago, but every time it pops up, it brings our day to standstill. So, let’s just enjoy this together one more time, shall we?

Alan Connealy is a long time American Ninja Warrior competitor and owner of Apex NorCal, where many Ninjas train and compete. He’s also known for creating some “Why can’t I stop looking at this???” video content.

Like this one, where he re-writes the lyrics to “Part of Your World” to plead with NBC to select him for the show.

So much pining...

Welp. You’ve now lost three minutes of your day to that, so here’s a video of Alan’s amazingly adorable dog. Feel a little bit better?

After hours

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