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Ian Dory and Noah Kaufman wrap up the action of the latest Wolfpack Ninja event

The competition was the latest example of how the sport is legitimizing itself at a rapid pace.

Wolfpack Ninja Tour: 2nd Event Recap

We're LOVING where this sport is going! Check out this quick awesome recap of the latest Wolfpack Ninjas event!

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Thursday, November 30, 2017

The second event of the Wolfpack Ninja Tour delivered on the high expectations set by their inaugural event. There were thrilling races between some of the best American Ninja Warriors, like Adam Rayl and Flip Rodriguez. There were Ninjas of every age bracket. And, yes, there were dinosaurs. (That’s really the important part, right?)

The awesome recap video above captures just what an exciting time this is for the Ninja Warrior sport. It’s growing at a rapid pace. Competitions are taking root all over the country. This means fans get more inspiring heroes and Ninjas can look towards making their passion a career.

Wolfpack members Noah Kaufman and Ian Dory break down the action of the event from their perspective in their latest podcast. Listen to it here.

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