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Who’s on your 3-person Ninja Warrior dream team?

In relays or individuals runs, which 3 Ninjas do you think would be unstoppable?

We’ve seen American Ninja Warriors form some pretty incredible three-person teams. In the 2017 All-Star episode, Nicholas Coolridge, Jessie Graff and Flip Rodriguez banded together on Kristine Leahy’s team, and beat out Matt and Akbar’s picks. On season two of Team Ninja Warrior, Joe Moravsky, Allyssa Beird and Josh Levin formed Storm Team, and took home the championship.

All the recent chatter about a potential third season of Team Ninja Warrior/Ninja vs Ninja got us wondering: Who would be on your ultimate three person Ninja team?

If you could combine any Ninja Warriors from any season, which three would you gather together and why? Tell us in the comments!