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This dad was a Ninja Warrior Halloween hero

These little Ninjas needed a Warped Wall and dad wasn’t about to let them down.


Parents will do anything for their kids, even if it means turning into an American Ninja Warrior obstacle.

10 year old Taylor has her sights set on becoming an American Ninja Warrior, which meant she had no trouble picking a Halloween costume.

Well... almost no trouble.

But while it quickly turned into an American Ninja Warrior themed family affair, something was just missing...

What’s a Ninja Warrior to do without their Warped Wall to conquer? Cue hero dad!


Yes, this brave man walked around like this all night and his little Ninjas couldn’t have been happier.


Taylor shared, “We had so much fun being Ninjas for Halloween! My brother and I decided it one day on the way to school. But I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be Jeri or Jessie. My mom said I could be both! Then my brothers decided who they wanted to be and my mom decided to be Maggi Thorne. And we couldn’t figure out who my dad should be.

Then my mom said why doesn’t daddy be the Warped Wall. We thought it was a great idea.

My dad said his favorite part of being the Warped Wall was how excited his children were about it, and that they wanted to include him. His name is James Greene. He is an awesome dad! I loved our family costume.”

Bravo, dad! BRA-VO.