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Drew Drechsel was going so fast, even he didn’t catch his own disqualification

A deceptively simple looking obstacle proved to be trickier than we thought.

As the captain of Team USA in Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia’s international competition, Drew Drechsel wanted to set the bar high. But that faced a bit of a jolt when he was disqualified on the first stage.

The first course, the Challenge Stage, is built for pure speed. It’s just four obstacles long, with only the Wind Chimes to act as a road bump in the sprint. But the devil is in the details. One of the rules is that Ninjas MUST touch every step on the Ultimate Domino Hill, a balance obstacle that just screams at competitors to take a jump and skip the falling panels.

Drew took a few tiny missteps, which lead to a disqualification so surprising even he didn’t believe it at first.

Things started off with a fantastic run through the Quintuple Steps.

The Wind Chimes were no trouble for Drew, an upper body strength expert.

But on the Ultimate Domino Hill, a small misstep made one panel slide forward. To maintain his balance, Drew pretty much didn’t have a choice but step over the next two panels.

While the announcer in the video yells that he’s been disqualified, Drew soldiers on and completes the course, not fully realizing his run won’t count.

In a video posted to Instagram, we see Drew reviewing the footage with the crew. While he’s good natured about it, you can tell he’s frustrated to let those points go.

He then finds out that his time would have been 21 seconds. That’s quicker than Daniel Gil, who took home the fastest completion with 26.65 seconds.

While it wasn’t the outcome the team captain was hoping for, there’s still time for Team USA to earn more points. They’ll face the Warrior Stage next.