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Watch Daniel Gil’s record-setting run as part of Team USA

He completed the Challenge Stage in just 26.65 seconds.

Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia is currently airing its international competition. Team USA is comprised of Drew Drechsel, Daniel Gil, Jake Murray, David Campbell and Josh Levin.

During the first episode, the Challenge Stage, Daniel Gil blew the competition away by earning the fastest completion on the course. He clocked in at just 26.65 seconds! Watch his full run above.

Daniel took off from the starting line like a shot from a gun.

The Quintuple Steps are something he’s super familiar with, so there was no trouble there.

Next up was the Wind Chimes. This course was definitely built for speed, allowing Ninjas to maintain their momentum.

But at the Ultimate Domino Hill, the momentum could have caused a disqualification. Daniel had to make sure he hit every single step.

After that, he breezed up the Warped Wall to the buzzer.

Then, to celebrate, he let us all hear that angelic voice of his.

Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia is currently airing on Saturdays at 4:30 am EST. It looks like they’re going to be sharing lots of updates, so we should be able to keep up with the action!