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Drew Drechsel leads a dream team of Ninja Warriors during Indonesia’s competition

Drew, Daniel Gil, Jake Murray, David Campbell and Josh Levin make up Team USA.

Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia has kicked off a new season, and there are some familiar American Ninja Warrior faces on the course.

The show currently features four international teams: Indonesia, USA, Japan and Europe. Team USA boasts Drew Drechsel as the captain, with Josh Levin, Jake Murray, Daniel Gil and David Campbell rounding out the roster.

The team of super Ninjas traveled to film the show back in May and the episodes began airing on November 25. The format is a bit different than the regular season Ninja Warrior. The teams compete for the fastest time on the course to earn points. The first episode featured the Challenge Stage and ended with Team USA in second place with 15 points, after Team Indonesia.

Daniel Gil was the fastest finisher on the Challenge Stage.

While we won’t know the final outcome of the competition for awhile, one thing’s for sure. It looks like the American Ninja Warriors had a great time at this international competition.

If you want to catch the action yourself, you can live stream the show online here. New episodes air Saturdays at 4:30 AM EST. You can also follow Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia on Instagram and Twitter for updates.