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We’re thankful for the Ninja Warrior community. Here’s why.

Show or no show, the Ninjas have given us a lot.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

On this Thanksgiving, we’re thinking about the American Ninja Warrior community, and the many, many things the members of that community have given us. What culminates in a TV show once a year is actually an intricate, caring, living thing that is changing the lives of those it touches.

Here are a few of our reasons that we’re thankful for the Ninja Warrior community. What’s yours? Tell us in the comments.

The Ninjas show us what support looks like on and off the course.

The community has inspired a new generation to see their abilities as absolutely endless.

While also inspiring an older generation to shake off any idea that their time to shine has passed.

It reminds us that we’re never alone in our struggles.

And shows us the strength to be brave.

Their journeys make us smile.

It reminds us that Ninja Warriors come in all shapes and sizes.

It just simply makes our hearts happy.

Happy Thanksgiving!