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Jonathan Horton’s past injuries are gnarly

WARNING: Graphic images ahead.

Felicia Graham/NBC

PLEASE NOTE: The images below might be difficult for some to look at.

Jonathan Horton is an Olympic gymnast who ran the American Ninja Warrior course in San Antonio during season nine. He focused on training for the show after a shoulder injury sidelined his plans for the 2016 Olympic games.

As a high level athlete, Jonathan is no stranger to the risk of injury that comes along with all types of training and competing.

But, whoo boy, we weren’t quite ready for his Instagram post showing off some of his battle scars.

We can’t decide which one freaks us out more. Maybe the foot? Maybe the bicep?

While Jonathan didn’t sustain all these injuries during Ninja Warrior (the bottom right picture is listed as a “Ninjury” in the caption), it paints a stark picture of what athletes put their bodies through.

And Jonathan just keeps right on going! He’s worked to rehab all his injuries and continues to push forward.

Check out his fantastic course competition at the San Antonio Qualifiers.