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Is this the next Ninja Warrior obstacle inspiration?

Yeah... No.

The internet is having a small panic attack over this strangely mesmerizing clip from a Japanese game show, and it’s drawing some comparisons to American Ninja Warrior obstacles.

While it does look like you’d have to be some kind of super-Ninja to make it to the top of the stairs with any kind of grace, it’s not exactly the type of thing we’d expect to see on the show.

But hey, it’s funny to think about!

We even fell for the lure of the slippery stairs.

But, it was just a fleeting moment of humor. American Ninja Warrior can trace its roots back to Japan, having been born from the popularity of Sasuke. But Sasuke and Ninja Warrior take their competition pretty darn seriously. As they should.

So don’t worry, Ninja fans.

Expect more of this.

And none of that.