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This tiny Ninja Warrior trainer is adorably determined to show you his moves

Never give up, Cole. NEVER!

Meet Cole Gamer Megablaster, quite possibly the best American Ninja Warrior trainer on the planet. He’s here to give us some invaluable advice and teach us about determination.

“Today we’re going to be doing American Ninja Warrior stuff. Pretty good, right?”
Yes Cole, it’s VERY good!

Also, keep an eye on that mischievous little brother. He’s going to try to steal some scenes later.

“You can try this at home if you’ve got a small enough hallway.”

*Whispers words of encouragement to himself.*
Yas, Cole, you got this!

“I’ll try it this way.”
That’s right! Don’t you give up!

Little brother: “Cole, lift your body up!”

Okay, change of plans. That’s cool. Ninjas can adapt on the fly!

“I don’t know how I got to do this, but I’m copying Jessie Graff.”

Us, during this entire video:

There you have it, folks! The hallway Body Prop as demonstrated by expert Ninja, Cole!