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Jessie Graff is also the first woman to ever qualify for the City Finals

Her string of “firsts” started way back in season five.

Jessie Graff has been making history on American Ninja Warrior since her very first season.

Back in season five, Jessie competed in Venice. During the Qualifiers, she became the first woman ever to rank high enough to move on to the City Finals. You can watch the run, complete with chicken costume, above.

Jessie makes it to the Warped Wall, but ultimately is stopped there. She went to Vegas that season as a wildcard, and her run came to an end at the Jumping Spider on Stage One.

But Jessie recently discussed how she wasn’t even Ninja training at this point. When a knee injury sidelined her before season six, she decided to start dedicating some time to building the upper body strength needed for the course.

Which means that she made history in her first season without even specializing in Ninja skills, which is pretty darn impressive.

When Jessie returned in season seven, her rise to the top was really set in motion. She’s qualified for the National Finals every season since, and of course, is now the first woman to have completed both Stage One and Stage Two.