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This run from 2013 reminds up how much Flip Rodriguez has changed

We’ve seen him go through so many stages of his life.

Flip Rodriguez is one of those American Ninja Warrior athletes that fans have watched grow and advance over the seasons. At this point, they almost feel like family.

This video of Flip from the 2013 Miami City Finals reminded us just how far he’s come.

Flip has been on the show since season three. At that time, he wore a mask on the course, something which he said represented the light and dark of his life. In season eight, we learned the heartbreaking reason he chose to wear the mask.

In 2013, Miami was Flip’s hometown. He tore through the course with the unflinching speed that was his trademark. He sliced through the Rolling Steel. There was a slight slip on the final Spider Climb, but Flip was undeterred. He finished the course in only two minutes and 31 seconds.

Since then, we’ve seen Flip’s ups and downs. We’ve watched him grow into a person ready to speak about his past and use it to help others. He’s changed his sometimes reckless speed on the course into an assured confidence, not scared to pause and plan for a moment. In season nine, he advanced to Stage Two of the National Finals.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the years ahead bring for this inspiring competitor!