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Watch this 64 year old Ninja take on the UK course

Elizabeth Hammersley didn’t let her age deter her from trying out.

Can we get a round of applause for Elizabeth Hammersley? At 64, she was the oldest competitor on the 2017 series of Ninja Warrior UK, and she did not hold back on the course.

To put it into perspective, John Loobey, at 65, was the oldest competitor on season nine of American Ninja Warrior. He completed two obstacles. He fell on the Wingnuts during the Daytona Qualifier.

Elizabeth knew she had a challenge ahead of her, but she didn’t let it scare her off. She navigated the Quintuple Steps with determination.

On the Silk Slider, she had a good grip on the ride down, but lost her balance a bit on the landing, causing her to fall into the water.

But Elizabeth had a great attitude about her short but impressive run. She was laughing during her post-fall interview.

You go, Elizabeth! Keep on training!