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‘Pickler and Ben’ tried to be Ninjas. Not even Joe and Akbar could save them.

Joe Moravsky and Akbar Gbajabiamila stopped by the show to impart some Ninja wisdom.

Pickler and Ben/Youtube

Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron wanted to take on a serious physical challenge on their talk show, so of course they brought in some familiar faces from American Ninja Warrior.

The show, “Pickler and Ben,” called in Akbar Gbajabiamila, Joe Moravsky and rising Ninja Rachel Brown to tackle a mini course on set.

How’d it go? Well... let’s just say that not everyone is a natural Ninja.

Joe Moravsky broke down a technique for pull ups on the rings, as well as a rope climb. Kellie and Ben gave it their best shots. A for effort at least!

Kellie developed her own special way of taking on the Salmon Ladder. Honestly, we were kind of impressed with her ingenuity.

Ben had a SERIOUS height advantage on the obstacle.

But Rachel Brown made the 10 foot Warped Wall look like nothing. (Because basically it IS nothing to the 14 year old Ninja!)

Let’s never forget the time Akbar helped an injured cop and CHASED DOWN the person who’d hit the officer.

While we don’t think Kelly and Ben will be trying out for the full size course anytime soon, it’s always awesome to see new audiences learning more about American Ninja Warrior. Akbar, Joe and Rachel were great ambassadors!