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Could Isaac Caldiero be eyeing an American Ninja Warrior return?

Are these the signs he’s working on a comeback?

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

UPDATE: Isaac replied to a Twitter comment on this article, saying his post-title departure isn't due to hard feelings, just "a lack of desire after accomplishing my ultimate goal."

You MAY have heard of Isaac Caldiero. You know, he’s the guy who took home the first ever American Ninja Warrior championship title and a snazzy million bucks in season seven.

(Yes, we know Geoff Britten completed the final climb of the National Finals before Isaac did. And that it’s an ongoing debate over who exactly is the first American Ninja Warrior. But we’re talking about Isaac right now and we can’t go down that rabbit hole at the moment.)

So, Isaac wins the title and the cash and then... POOF. Like a superhero after saving the city, he evaporates into thin air. Fans were all, “What the heck? Where’d he go?”

Honestly, we don’t really know and we’re not going to guess. We reached out to his public relations manager last year but never heard back. If you follow him on Instagram, it looks like he’s been focused on rock climbing in some cool places.

When we heard he was going to be at the Rockford Ninja Warrior event back in August, we were intrigued. Isaac ran in the Pro Competition event.

Here is the complete run order for tonight's Pro Competition. Tickets are still available at or at the door. #rnw17

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He did not advance to the finals, but it kind of felt like he was dipping a toe back into the Ninja limelight.

Then, in September, Isaac was spotted again at a National Ninja League competition. Even Chris Wilczewski, the organizer of the NNL, said he was surprised to see him there, and referred to him as “Unbelievably strong.” (Segment starts at 3:11.)

You can watch Isaac’s run from that competition here.

So, that’s two Ninja competitions in two months, which HAS to beg the question: Is Isaac considering a return to American Ninja Warrior?


Is Isaac Caldiero considering a return to American Ninja Warrior?

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    Oh FOR SURE he’s on his way back.
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