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Third season of the National Ninja League keeps your favorite Ninjas busy

The NNL already has runs from Joe, Drew, Allyssa, Jessie, Najee and so many more.

Your favorite Ninjas aren’t letting up on the gas just because American Ninja Warrior isn’t on the air right now. The National Ninja League, an organization that coordinates Ninja Warrior style competitions all over the country, is deep into its third season.

The NNL is in its 11th week of the season. Which means that tons of Ninjas have already competed, and you can watch their runs to satisfy that Ninja craving.

During the NNL’s second season, Drew Drechsel and Allyssa Beird took home the championships. The league tends to be pretty reflective of the success we see on American Ninja Warrior. However, with the NNL, keep an eye on those unknown names that are competing against, and sometimes out ranking, the superstars.

Check out recaps of the results and course breakdowns here. All the recorded runs can be found on the NNL Youtube page here.

Here are a few runs you can check out right now!

Joe Moravsky

Allyssa Beird

Jessie Graff

Drew Drechsel

Najee Richardson

Barclay Stockett

Meagan Martin

Jake Murray

Brian Arnold

Jesse Labreck

Flip Rodriguez

Daniel Gil