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Watch American Ninja Warrior season nine full episodes: National Finals

The Las Vegas episodes were full of surprises, both good and bad.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

American Ninja Warrior season nine: Night one of National Finals

95 Ninjas took on the first stage of the National Finals. Allyssa Beird hit the buzzer, becoming only the second woman to do so in the show’s history. Overall, it seemed like the Ninjas had a good handle on this course.

American Ninja Warrior season nine: Night two of the National Finals

The second half of the National Finalists field took on Stage One. Jessie Graff had a shocking fall. However, more Ninjas than ever before would reach the buzzer and move on to the next stage.

American Ninja Warrior season nine: Night three of the National Finals, Stages Two and Three

41 Ninjas, a record high, attempted Stage Two of the National Finals. No one could have predicted the havoc Wingnut Alley would bring. Only three Ninjas would advance to Stage Three. There, Joe Moravsky became the last Ninja standing, falling at the Time Bomb.