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Watch American Ninja Warrior season nine full episodes: Daytona

In front of the iconic racetrack, the Ninjas had to navigate a slough of tough obstacles.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

American Ninja Warrior season nine: Daytona Qualifiers

American Ninja Warrior set up the course right on the doorstep of the Daytona International Speedway. The course included the first appearance of the fan designed Wingnuts. The competitors also faced the return of a season eight Ninja Killer: Rolling Thunder.

American Ninja Warrior season nine: Daytona City Finals

During the Daytona City Finals, Jessie Graff pulled off a move on the Giant Cubes that will leave your jaw on the ground. While many strong Ninjas took on the course, only Drew Drechsel made it all the way to the buzzer.