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Which Ninja would you give just one more run?

If you could give a season 9 Ninja a re-do, who would get that second chance?

Tyler Golden/NBC

One very important element of American Ninja Warrior is the “one and done” aspect.

One fall and that’s it for the Ninja’s run. If the fall is in the wrong place during the Qualifiers and City Finals, it can mean the end of their season. In the National Finals, a fall guarantees it’s the end of the road.

While those high stakes are what make the show so compelling, sometimes you just have to wish, “If only that Ninja just had ONE more shot!”

Would it be Jake Murray or Grant McCartney who suffered early exits? Or maybe Drew Drechsel or Jessie Graff who shocked us at the National Finals? Would you give Joe Moravsky one more shot at the million dollar prize?

So let’s pretend we all have one golden ticket we could hand to a season nine Ninja to send them back to the starting line.

If you could give ONE Ninja from season nine a re-do run, who would it be and why?

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