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The Ninjas had a blast and earned some cash at the Titan of Texas Challenge

The competition, held at the State Fair of Texas and sponsored by Nissan, has become popular with some of the most well-known Ninjas.

Michelle Warnky/Instagram

For the third year, many American Ninja Warriors found their way to the State Fair of Texas to take on the Titan of Texas Challenge, sponsored by Nissan.

The event allows Ninjas to compete as individuals and as teams, trying to earn the fastest time on the course. The prize money is nothing to sneeze at: The top male and female with the fastest time each take home $15,000.

While all results are still unofficial and pending final confirmation and announcement from The Titan Of Texas Challenge, the unofficial results are still pretty exciting!

Top men

  1. Joe Moravsky
  2. Sean Bryan
  3. Ethan Swanson

Top women

  1. Jesse Labreck
  2. Michelle Warnky
  3. Cody Hucal

Joe Moravsky took first place for the men with a blazing run.

Michelle Warnky’s run was almost flawless.

Sean Bryan’s time was just 1.7 seconds behind Joe’s.

Ethan Swanson claimed third place by being less than a second behind Sean.

Cody Hucal handled the course like she was a veteran.

Karsten Williams was reflective on his experience and what he could have done better.

Allyssa Beird also chalked her run up to a learning experience.

Even when you're feeling really good, small things can happen to derail your run. In strategizing for the #titanoftexas challenge, I decided to go all out and run the course as fast as possible. My time to the spinning doorknobs was really good, and I was on time to beat the course in sub 30, as long as I didn't fall. However, I put too much faith in the placement of my left hand on that first doorknob move, and it was too late to save it once I shifted my weight. In the sport of ninja, when there are separate prizes for men and women and it's a speed course, you will see two different approaches: men HAVE to go all out in order to hope for any sort of top placement. Women, on the other hand, usually just have to go for completion in an okay amount of time. I want to challenge other women and be challenged to really go all out. I wanted to post a completion time that would be incredibly difficult for women to beat if they, too, didn't go all out. However, in doing so, I took the risk of making some small errors (which came to fruition), which means I did not place in the top for women. To put this in perspective, had I taken my time and guaranteed solid hand placement (hindsight is a killer), I definitely would have placed top 5. Next time! Each time on obstacles is a learning experience, and this was no different. My goal is to still push women to be more aggressive and fearless on courses, and to live up to this approach myself! I want to contend with overall placements as I continue to get stronger and faster, not always have to rely on gender placements. Awesome job to everyone out there who ran the course, and it's always a great time seeing my ninja family ❤ #anw #ninja #ninjawarrior #americanninjawarrior #titanoftexanchallenge #nissan #obstacles #challenge #obstacle #strong #ninjafam #strongereveryday #fastereveryday

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But most important of all, they just had fun together.

#BackFlipADay starring @allyssabeird @islandninja and @sweett_02 . Competing today at #titanoftexaschallenge wish me luck!!!!

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We love how the Ninjas can compete against each other for cash, but still just just want to relax together!