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More hints about the upcoming Ninja vs Ninja teams

While there’s still no official announcement, more Ninjas have taken to social media to confirm they’re heading to Los Angeles

Najee Richardson/Instagram

It’s an Ninja-invasion! American Ninja Warriors from all over the place are posting about heading to Los Angeles.

While there have been no official updates regarding season three of Team Ninja Warrior, (or, dare we say Ninja vs Ninja?) it definitely seems like the athletes are getting ready for imminent taping. On Camera Audiences is giving out tickets to a recording beginning on Tuesday, Oct 24, if you can get out here!

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a full list, nor is this an official announcement of the teams. You can check out some of the other teams we think are heading for this taping here.

Maggi Thorne shared this pic of her, Jessie Graff and Tiana Webberley heading somewhere.

(We’re not sure if Maggi and Jessie are competing. We haven’t seen any hints towards that just yet.)

We’re going with Los Angeles as their destination since Tiana looks like she’s teamed up with Daniel Gil and Mathis Owhadi.

The Golden Hearts are back together and just as wacky as ever. Looks like Neil Craver, Grant McCartney and Natalie Duran have somehow managed to invest in even MORE gold accessories.

It looks like Najee Richardson has tapped Cassie Jo Craig and Michael Torres for the Phoenix Force!

Dream Team #PhoenixForce #NinjaVsNinja #TeamNinjaWarrior

A post shared by Cassie Jo Craig (@cassiejocraig) on

Tremayne Dortch posted that he’ll have Andrew Lowes and Meghan Beatty on Tre’s Amigoz this season.

Team TNT returns with a new line up of Travis Rosen, Brett Sims and Emily Durham.

Um, did someone forget to pick up Dave Cavanagh from the airport?

James McGrath, did you forget Dave?

We’re also super excited to see Erica Cook in that picture. Erica was injured during last year’s Team Ninja Warrior, but according to this post, she’s back in action!

Lindsay Eskildsen is on her way with Anna Shumaker.

Anna needs to get down to LA to meet up with Brian Kretsch and David Campbell for the reunion of the NorCal Ninjas!

We’ll update you about this show as more information is released. Until then, we’ll be keeping an eye on the Ninja social media world!