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Charlie Andrews’ post about his recovery will give you feelings

After a very serious injury, he’s proving just how much of a warrior he is.

Charlie Andrews/Instagram

Charlie Andrews was a star rookie on Season Nine of American Ninja Warrior. He tore through the Los Angeles Qualifying and City Finals courses, completing both.

Before that, he was an invaluable member of MIT’s impressive team on Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness.

With his incredible climbing skills and his close friendship with fellow American Ninja Warrior Josh Levin, fans were excited to see him take on the National Finals in Las Vegas.

So we were all heartbroken to learn that Charlie wouldn’t be able to compete on the final four stages. Between the City Finals and National Finals, Charlie suffered a serious head injury during a training session. It was a terrifying and traumatizing experience for everyone in Charlie’s world.

But like a true Ninja Warrior, Charlie dedicated himself to his recovery. While he couldn’t compete in Vegas, he was there on the sidelines, cheering for his best friend Josh.

Recently, Charlie posted two photos on Instagram and gave us an update on his recovery.

Here’s the emotional message he shared:

“The first picture is me yesterday, projecting Livin Astro, a 5.14c in Rumney. It was the hardest climb I have ever tried. The second picture is me six months and one day before that, struggling just as much. I was attempting to lift 2lb dumbells. Most of my recovery-- maybe 95%-- was thanks to sheer luck, a tirelessly supportive family, and great doctors, nurses, and rehabilitation specialists. The other 5% is my proudest and most hard-won accomplishment. .The process continues, but I am ok. Actually, I'm great.”

Annnnd there’s now a tree branch in our eye...

Charlie, take care of yourself and we REALLY hope to see you in season 10!