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Can we ask Jessie Graff’s pig for a loan?

Today in “HUH?” news, we contemplate why Sammo Hog is enjoying a shower of bills.

American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff has an amazing pet pig named Sammo Hog. We know this. We honor and respect the great Sammo Hog.

But for the life of us, we’re not sure why Sammo Hog needs THIS much pocket cash.

@dickiesmallsburlesque What is this non edible green stuff? I'm sure there are more almonds in my bed.

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Now, we’ve heard of truffle sniffing pigs, but Sammo’s nose is digging for cash.

We guess this piggy really makes BANK! (Get it? Piggy... bank. Thanks. We’ll be here all week.)

UPDATE: Jessie Graff is just as baffled as us.