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Did you know season one’s Green Man tried the course in LA?

The Smosh Games crew got on the course in Los Angeles this season.

Way back when American Ninja Warrior was filming the Los Angeles Qualifiers for season nine, the Smosh Games team decided to crash the course. Check out their hilarious behind-the-scenes experience.

There was an OG in their midst. The Green Man, a mystery runner from season one, returned!

Hint: It’s David Moss.

“I was just out grocery shopping. I don’t know how I got here!” Don’t worry. Happens to us like three times a week.

They were ranked by Matt and Akbar, who were... slightly less than impressed by the crew.

Let’s find out if they made it past the Floating Steps!


Nope. (And OW.)

Nope. Green Man, we had so much faith in you.


Wait... sitting on the steps is not allowed. DQ!

Standing on the TOP of the steps is not allowed! DQ!

But he does stay out of the water until the Fly Wheels, so we’ll call this run a success.

Then they gave the Warped Wall several less than graceful attempts.

Basically, they learned the hard way that being a Ninja isn’t an easy task! It’s not a job for the timid, or the untrained. And it might not be for Green Man.