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Do you agree with the results of the Stage 5 Ninja Awards?

Armchair Ninja podcast polled fans for their opinions on season nine.

Stage 5 Ninja Awards: Season 9

Do you agree with the results of the Stage 5 Ninja Awards? Listen to more from the Armchair Ninja Podcast here:

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Armchair Ninja podcast decided to celebrate the end American Ninja Warrior’s ninth season by hosting the first “Stage 5 Ninja Awards.” Hosts Rich and Bijan came up with several categories and had some of the show’s avid fans vote for winners.

Here are the results! Do you agree with how things turned out? How would you have voted? Tell us in the comments.

Best Breakout Rookie (Male)

  • Charlie Andrews
  • Tyler Gillett
  • Kevin Carbone
  • Josh Salinas
  • Jody Avila


Best Breakout Rookie (Female)

  • Bree Widener
  • Rebekah Bonilla
  • Lindsay Eskildsen
  • Sara Heesen
  • Zhanique Lovett


Best New Obstacle

  • Wingnuts (both variations)
  • Double Dipper
  • Crank it Up
  • Nail Clipper
  • Elevator Climb


Ninja Killer of the Year

  • Nail Clipper: Cleveland City Finals
  • The Wedge: Denver City Finals
  • Floating Monkey Bars: Kansas City City Finals
  • Hourglass Drop: San Antonio City Finals
  • Wingnut Alley: Stage 2


Most Impressive Stat/Record

  • Joe Moravsky: Reached Stage Three 4 out of 5 seasons
  • Ian Dory: 4 consecutive City Finals buzzers
  • Brian Arnold: 6 consecutive Stage One buzzers
  • Travis Rosen: Oldest man to complete Stage One (42)
  • Drew Drechsel: Fastest time in Qualifiers, City Finals and Stage One


Best Comeback Story

  • JJ Woods: Cleared Stage One after fall in Qualifiers season 8
  • Lance Pekus: Cleared Stage One after fall in Qualifiers season 8
  • David Campbell: Cleared Stage One for the first time since season 3
  • Travis Rosen: Cleared Stage One after fall on Snake Run in season 8
  • Kacy Catanzaro: Beat Propeller Bar on Stage One after multiple years


Shocking Fall of the Year

  • Brian Wilczewski
  • Jake Murray
  • Jessie Graff
  • Towers of Power
  • Drew Drechsel

Winner: Jessie Graff

Female Ninja of the Year

  • Allyssa Beird
  • Jessie Graff
  • Jesse Labreck
  • Barclay Stockett
  • Maggi Thorne


Male Ninja of the Year

  • Joe Moravsky
  • Najee Richardson
  • Sean Bryan
  • Drew Drechsel
  • Lance Pekus