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Here are photos of Ninjas gathering in groups of three. HMMM

We got nothing. Let’s just look at some pictures together, shall we?

Here at American Ninja Warrior Nation, we try to bring you the latest in Ninja news. But we also try to make sure we get all our facts straight and confirmed before we publish them. Sometimes, we just can’t get the confirmations we need to say we’ve got real news for you. (AKA, our emails have not been returned as of yet.)

So, this article announces nothing. Nothing about the filming up an upcoming season. Nothing at all about new branding for anything in particular. We just found some interesting Instagram posts we thought you might want to look at. None of this means anything, we’re sure.

JJ Woods, Flip Rodriguez and Meagan Martin are just chatting about the weather.

This is just an invitation to a party Brian Arnold, Jake Murray and Barclay Stockett are co-hosting together.

They’re just training buddies. Don’t worry about it.

We don’t know why all these rookies who had incredible runs on American Ninja Warrior season nine are hanging out.

Adam Rayl, Rebekah Bonilla and Sean Bryan just really wanted to get all dressed up together.

Love these ninjas! My @teamninjawarrior team❤

A post shared by Adam Rayl (@adamrayl) on

Jody Avila was just trying out that picture montage app he has on his phone.

What? Drew Knapp just likes things in threes. He finds it soothing.

These Ninjas were just playing around on the beach. Surely they’re not serious.

These Olympians are just CHATTING about how cool their team would be. If it existed.

Ryan Stratis is bummed about... something?

But Grace Sims is pumped for... something?

It's almost time for Team Ninja Warrior Season 3!!!! Woooo!!! #letsgo

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They’re JUST posing, everyone. Calm down already!

Just three friends who like Photoshop.

Brittany means Thomas Stillings is like her LIFE coach, that’s all.

That’s all we’ve got, folks! A nice little post about nothing in particular. Have a great day!