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This 14 year old is going to storm American Ninja Warrior one day

By the time she’s old enough for the show, she’ll have almost a decade of experience racked up.

Rachel Brown/Instagram

Edit: A previous version of this article stated Rachel is 15. She is 14, turning 15 in January of 2018.

The National Ninja League is well into its third season and currently, leading the overall standings in the female division is Rachel Brown. And get this, she’s only 14 years old.

This puts her ahead of American Ninja Warriors Jesse Labreck and Rachael Goldstein. While the points might shake out differently by the end of the season, it doesn’t take away from one simple fact: Rachel Brown is a beast.

Here she is dominating the course at Ninjakour. Balance obstacles seem to have no effect on her.

Watch her run during a competition at Ninja Lounge that snagged her first place.

At Ninjaquest, with Ryan Stratis calling her run, Rachel put up an incredible performance. She totally nails the transfer on an obstacle similar to the I-Beam Gap.

Check out this montage video of some of Rachel’s training footage. It was uploaded TWO YEARS AGO and everything she does in it is still so impressive.

Oh yeah, and she already took second place in National Ninja League’s 2017 season. No biggie.

Set a countdown timer for American Ninja Warrior, season 16, because that’s when Rachel will finally be old enough to explode onto the show.