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There’s a Ninja-off happening between Drew Drechsel and Ethan Swanson right now

Instagram is their battleground.

Ah, Instagram. Home of a million and one fitness hashtag challenges. Some are inspirational, some are crazy, and this one is just downright bonkers. Which means American Ninja Warriors are all over it.

It all started with Drew Drechsel issuing the #HandcuffChallenge. Basically, tie your hands together and try to complete an obstacle.

Flip Rodriguez nailed a Cliffhanger with a tough downward transfer.

Dan Yager got SUPER creative with his pegboard. Holy moly that core strength.

Anthony DeFranco made an awesome transfer to a rail behind him on his Cliffhanger.

#HANDCUFFCHALLENGE ✔️ SENT IT ⚡️ ✨ @reallifeninja - @ryan_elhalim

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The guys weren’t the only ones in on the fun!

Then Ethan Swanson pulled off another version of the pegboard with an insane use of his feet.

So then Drew was all, “Gee, that didn’t seem hard enough.” He decided to tie both his hands AND his feet together. We feel like this should be called the Dolphin Wall from now on.

Ethan was like, “Yeah, whatever.” He tied his hands and feet together, and then tied them TO each other. Because that doesn’t seem over the top at all. He gave the Floating Steps his best shot.

Did you think Drew was just going to say, “Wow, Ethan, great job. You win”? Of course you didn’t.

In the most recent installment of #HandcuffChallenge, we have Drew Drechsel with his hands and feet totally bound together AND NOW HE’S BLINDFOLDED, attempting a Rolling Thunder.

All we can say is, kids, don’t try this at home. These are professional Ninjas who’ve gone a little batty at the moment.