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Gif-worthy Ninja Warrior moments that will make you smile

Season nine was chock full of gems like these!

Season nine of American Ninja Warrior gave us so many huge runs, but it also gave us some fleeting moments of “Did you see that?!?”

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite gif-worthy moments from the season. They’re like gifts that keep on giving. Got any of your own? Let’s see ‘em!

Just a little extra.

“I meant to do that.”

Bring. It. On.

Fitting for the season.

Yup. That was a thing that happened.

John Loobey is a hero to us.


Oh you dear, sweet child... (Check out the munchkin in front)

The perfect gif for so many occasions.

Don’t worry. He’s got this!

Ninjas, they have those good moves.

So casual. NBD.

And, of course, did it even happen if Matt Iseman didn’t make this face?