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Meagan Martin and Jeri D’Aurelio have the most insane partner workouts

The Ninjas pull off some crazy moves when they get together!

Meagan Martin/Instagram

Meagan Martin and Jeri D’Aurelio are accomplished American Ninja Warriors. Both have also competed on Team Ninja Warrior. In season nine of American Ninja Warrior, they both qualified for the National Finals during the Denver City Finals. Jeri went out on the Double Dipper of Stage One, while Meagan timed out after beating the Warped Wall.

To compete at their level, these Ninjas have to stay focused on their fitness and dedicated to their training. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun. Okay, a LOT of fun.

When Meagan and Jeri get together to train, it looks like it inevitably evolves into a session of “Let’s see if that’s possible!” Check out some of the downright insane things they’ve pulled off together, all while smiling like crazy.

Oh sure, let’s just do a Salmon Ladder together, because one at a time is too easy.


Ten points for this backflip dive with a hilariously failed high five.

Yeah, we DEFINITELY would have accidentally kicked someone in the head.

This... just doesn’t seem possible.



We can’t take it anymore. These women can do anything!