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Allyssa Beird’s mom is now a National Ninja League finalist

After watching her daughter’s accomplishments, Daria Beird wanted in on the fun too!

Becoming a Ninja Warrior must be contagious! Allyssa Beird caught the bug, and it propelled her to become only the second woman ever to complete Stage One of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals.

Now, she’s passed the urge to Ninja on to her mom!

Daria Beird started Ninja training earlier in the summer and it looks like she’s a natural. Check out her run at the Warrior Factory for a National Ninja League competition. She came in fifth place and qualified for their finals the end of the season!

Here’s what proud daughter Allyssa had to say about her mom after Daria’s first competition back in August:

“I feel like I experienced what it must be like for parents to watch their children compete. My heart rate was up. I was like shaking a little bit when she was going. I don't get nervous for myself to compete, but I imagine that's what parents feel when their kids compete. They just get really nervous and they want them to do well. So those are all the things I was feeling for her. But it was so exciting.

She was a gymnast too as a kid. She'd do general kind of healthy lifestyle stuff. Like a half hour, 45 minute workout in the morning. Maybe like aerobics or something like that. But she also works at a horse farm, so she basically does manual labor all day. Which is why she is just cut. But she just started training specifically for Ninja maybe four or five weeks ago. She just sent me a video of herself doing a line of cannonballs one handed at the gym. Like, she wasn't matching at all, she was just swinging through like monkey bars but on cannonballs. It was impressive.”

What do you think? Should Daria join Allyssa as an American Ninja Warrior?