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American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff shows off her stunt skills in ‘Epic Chick Fight’

Her costume from season five was straight from this project.

Heads up: There is some blood in this video, if anyone is squeamish, or would rather not have their little Ninjas see that.

Jessie Graff has become known for the Wonder Woman costume that she wore during American Ninja Warrior season 8. Those with a sharp memory for Ninja Warrior will remember that it was far from her first costume.

In fact, when Jessie became the first woman to face a City Finals course in Venice during season five, she had a whole other look going.

Theories abounded about the costume’s origin. Was it Big Bird? Was it a duck?

Actually, it was a chicken, an ode to a video Jessie had just made called “Epic Chick Fight.”

Check it out to see the Ninja Warrior show off a whole different set of skills. We’re all well-versed in Jessie’s abilities on the course, but less frequently do we get to see her at her “day job” as a professional stunt woman.

It’s pretty cool. The inspiration came from the “Epic Chicken Fight” scene from “Family Guy.”

After Jessie’s character hands out an expired coupon, all hell breaks loose as the offended customer seeks revenge.

Jessie Graff/Youtube

They fight while cars explode.

Jessie Graff/Youtube

They fight on top of a car.

Jessie Graff/Youtube

Jessie gives this look to a man in an elevator who is eating chicken.

Jessie Graff/Youtube

She leaves him like this.

Jessie Graff/Youtube

They fight in an office.

Jessie Graff/Youtube

They fight while plummeting from the office.

Jessie Graff/Youtube

How does it all end? You’ll just have to watch for yourself!