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New show decided to “challenge” American Ninja Warriors with something they’d be very, very good at

Why not just hand them the trophy at the start?

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This is the preview for the first episode of BuzzFeed’s Try Guys “Squad Wars.”

We don’t know quite what’s going on here, but American Ninja Warriors Jessie Graff, Michelle Warnky and Ben Melick are involved.

The description on YouTube says: “Yarr! The Try Guys challenge fan favorites from Project Runway and American Ninja Warrior to plunge headfirst into a choreographed pirate dinner stunt show, with help from Pirates Of The Caribbean's Martin Klebba. Booty booty booty booty pirates everywhere!”

There’s...a LOT going on with that description.

We THINK the Ninja Warriors will be going up against a team from Project Runway to compete for best choreographed pirate fight scene.

Which seems silly because team Ninja Warrior is going to nail this. Like, REALLY nail this.

Look at their faces. “Oh yeah, we could do this in our sleep.”

BuzzFeed Video/YouTube

They have Jessie Graff, a professional stunt woman, on the team, WHO HAS ALREADY BEEN IN A PIRATE SHOW.

BuzzFeed Video/YouTube

Even Ben Melick looks scared of how good Michelle Warnky is at this, and she’s on his team!

BuzzFeed Video/YouTube

Look at them being like, “Yes please. Trophy here.”

BuzzFeed Video/YouTube

But, by all means, if you’d like to watch them mercilessly leave the other team in the dust, check out the full episode on YouTube Red.