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American Ninja Warrior Mack Roesch live streamed giving his cat a bath and it will calm your soul

It’s like a new form of meditation.

The king cleans cat tonight

Posted by Mack Roesch on Monday, January 2, 2017

This is Mack Roesch. He’s the self-dubbed “King of Obstacles.” Mack competed in Atlanta on season eight of American Ninja Warrior. He made it all the way to the National Finals in Las Vegas.

David Becker/NBC

His bid for Mt. Midoriyama came to an end at the Jumping Spider on Stage One.

On Monday, in an act of pure generosity, Mack gave his cat a bath and broadcast it on Facebook Live so we could all watch. It was the perfect calming, random, soothing gift to anyone just getting back to work after the holidays.

This is Coco. (Who had been hiding under the toilet.) Coco picked up a few fleas and needed a scrub-a-dub.

“I’m trying to nurture the cat. Tell him he’s doing good.”

The brushing of Coco was... hypnotic.

Coco received a loving and tender wash, followed by a relaxing towel massage to dry him off.

“Breathe, kitty. Breathe.”

“Thank you all for your support, watching me clean this cat.”

No, Mack. Thank YOU.